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This page contains news about the PLEADE project, such as new users, new versions, training, presentations, events, etc. You have something to publish here? Don't hesitate to let it know on the pleade-users mailing list!

Tableau 1. Year 2006

2006-03-09Official release of PLEADE version 1.1.

Tableau 2. Year 2004

2004-08-13Official release of PLEADE version 1.0.
2004-02-26Third candidate release for PLEADE: 1.0rc3.
2004-02-05 / 2004-02-06Two-day training to PLEADE, providede to a closed group of future power users. The training has been held iat the Direction des archives de France premises in Paris. Trainer: Martin Sévigny, AJLSM.

Tableau 3. Year 2003

2003-12-09PLEADE presentation in a training on EAD held by the Association des archivistes de France.
2003-12-06Article about PLEADE in the DigiCult.Info magazine. You will find it on page 16 of the issue 6, available in PDF.
2003-11-21One day training on the use of PLEADE at the Centre des archives d'outre-mer (Aix-en-Provence, France), during a four-day training on EAD. This training (including the day about PLEADE) should be held again in June 2004.
2003-11-13Second candidate release for PLEADE: 1.0rc2.
2003-10-08First official release of PLEADE: 1.0rc1.
2003-10-07A day of presentation of PLEADE an Navimages at the Centre historique des Archives nationales (Paris, France). Proceedings are available online in French.
2003-08-18The PLEADE sources are made available at the Souceforge site.

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